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Branding Services

Your brand should be perceived as an extension of your company's culture, values, and mission.

It should provide leadership within the market with a consistent tone, visual identity, and breakthrough messaging.

The most important part of building a brand is making sure it drives traction within your customer segments. At CSI, we ensure this by gaining a true understanding of your brand’s DNA and what makes it authentic and unique.

Depending on where your brand currently stands, we either start from the ground up, researching the industry and your competitive landscape in order to define your brand archetype and personality, or we refine your brand using our discovery findings to establish messaging that is authentic and creative that will resonate more effectively with your customers.

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Our branding services include:

  • Identity Development
  • Messaging & Tone
  • Standards & Guidelines

Identity Development

Brand identity is not your logo. Properly developing your corporate identity or an identity for a product/service begins with understanding who you are. CSI has a structured process for getting at the heart of your brand.

We begin with identifying your brand archetype and personality. These help us craft a clear and concise positioning statement, which all future brand messaging will need to answer to.

CSI Identity Development
CSI Messaging & Tone

Messaging & Tone

Is your brand known as a serious expert, a trusted friend, or a playful buddy? CSI can determine the best tone of voice for your brand. We’ll make it clear how your brand should—and should not—sound.

This new tone comes to life as your advertising headlines, email subject lines, calls to action, and how your product or service gets communicated.

Standards & Guidelines

A comprehensive visual style guide is critical for any company serious about building their brand. CSI will establish best practices for logo and color usage, typography, photography, iconography, and more. A style guide should put up enough walls to keep your brand’s look and tone consistent, while still allowing for creative and innovative play within those walls.
CSI Standards & Guidelines
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