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Brand Experience Services

Our aim is to fill your audience with wonder and excitement.

Whether it’s retail, corporate, a pop-up, or a trade show, we blend physical spaces with digital technology to create branded experiences that help you acquire new customers and delight your current ones.

Our producers, programmers, and creatives weave together emerging technologies with thoughtful design, imagery, and interactivity to develop one-of-a-kind experiences, bringing your brand to life and creating lasting connections.

From large-format motion visuals that span multiple screens to gamification and projection mapping, we aim to create destinations that tell your story and deepen your audience's understanding of your brand.

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Our brand experience services include:

  • Brand Activations
  • Branded Environments
  • Immersive Experiences
  • Large-Format DOOH

Brand Activations

Driven by strategy and an understanding of your brand’s purpose, we create activations that engage your audience in ways that leave an impression and assert your brand’s influence. It’s all about forming stronger relationships—lasting relationships—so we work to allow your audience to relive the experience and share it for the days, weeks, and years to come.
CSI Brand Activations
CSI Branded Environments

Branded Environments

Environmental branding in itself is just like UX design for the web, only in the human form. A well-designed and branded space should reflect an organization's culture and align with the behaviors you envision people undertaking in the space. This is a great seamless human experience.  

Immersive Experiences

A cocktail of art, science, and strategy, we develop immersive experiences for clients in every segment. Whether in your corporate lobby, during your event marketing campaigns all over North America, or at your next trade show booth, we can help you design experiences that connect and surround your audience using the latest technologies and innovative ideas.
CSI Immersive Experiences
CSI Large-Format DOOH

Large-Format DOOH Content

From Times Square to Dubai, we have produced digital out-of-home content for brands across the globe. This is not as simple as running your TV advertising on a larger screen—it’s about understanding the city or landscape where the screen is, the traffic patterns, and how people flow through the environment, and crafting a piece of digital content that will grab eyeballs and make a lasting impression.
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