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It takes an ironclad digital marketing strategy to compete in today’s business landscape.

To ensure success, that strategy must be focused on identifying your business goals, making them a reality, and providing a high ROI. 

At CSI, we begin by immersing ourselves in the lives of your customers, learning what motivates them and drives them to purchase. Driven by this data, our digital strategists provide unique insights and strategic recommendations that will drive your marketing programs and help reach your KPIs.

We pride ourselves on serving you, our partner. You may have a team that is spread too thin, is a bit overwhelmed, or is having difficulty bringing the necessary expertise in-house to compete in an increasingly complex marketing environment. 

This is where we can help.

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CSI Strategy

Our strategy services include:

  • Consumer Insights
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Experience
  • Content Strategy
  • Video Strategy

Consumer Insights

The most valuable currency of any brand is their consumer. Demographics are only the beginning of consumer research. In order to plan the most effective strategy, CSI strives to know your customers inside and out—from their shopping habits to understanding how they consume media.

We dive deep with primary, secondary, and curated research to gain a full understanding of their journey with your brand and what makes them tick.

CSI Consumer Insights
CSI Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

A S.W.O.T. analysis is only the first step. We push to understand and capitalize on metrics such as market size, growth rate, and social trends. By fully understanding both your objectives and the market space in which your brand operates, CSI can craft a sound marketing strategy to reach and engage your consumers.

Brand Experience

A vital component to any marketing strategy is consumer engagement. Based on our consumer and market research, CSI can produce brand experiences that both engage and excite your consumers, leaving them with a lasting positive impression.

CSI Brand Experience

Content Strategy

A strong content marketing strategy can grow traffic and boost conversions. Based on your KPIs, CSI will help determine the best content channels and types, create a content calendar, and identify and allocate resources to create and distribute your content. We’ll then measure the performance to ensure our content strategy is working as hard as it can for you.

Video Marketing

A solid video marketing strategy can grow your revenue 49% faster than a strategy that excludes video. We'll use our research to understand how your audience consumes video content and which type of video content would be most effective and approachable.

From animated explainer videos to full, live production shoots, we can produce content that will work best for both your audience and your business.

CSI Video Strategy
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