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Enabling brands to close key accounts through meaningful content experiences.

It’s less about the impressions you can buy and more about the impression you can make with the right clients.

Account-Based Marketing
ABM Campaign

Our Position:

CSI creates end-to-end ABM strategies that move your key accounts through the buying journey using meaningful content experiences.

Using the founding principles of ABM, we offer the tools and expertise to identify and engage prospects, and continuously sell to your top accounts. From access to rich B2B databases to IP address and device ID targeting, we thrive at being able to reach your best prospects and grab their attention with breakthrough messaging. More simply put, we help you aim your efforts squarely at your most important customers.

Ayla Networks ABM

Are We the Right Fit?

We work with mid-market to enterprise-level clients and help them focus their efforts on landing key accounts by surrounding them with ongoing content experiences. We specifically work directly with brands' marketing and sales teams to align their efforts behind a focused, unified strategy. Our goal is to help you convert and grow your biggest accounts so you can concentrate on your broader marketing goals.

Tumi ABM Campaign

The Approach:

Our approach is powered by being able to create and distribute a wide range of pre- and post-sale content experiences that each have a unique purpose based on where the customer is in the buying journey. We surround each target account with highly personalized content experiences geared to move them toward purchase and lasting relationships.

We have a suite of content creators, dynamic tools, and digital targeting capabilities in-house so you don’t have to. Let us help you focus on creating lifelong customers.

ABM Approach

Account-Based Marketing

We help brands and businesses:

  • Focus on key accounts
  • Increase sales conversions
  • Align marketing and sales teams
  • Create end-to-end marketing campaigns
  • Find and grow your list of top prospects
  • Track content engagement
  • Personalize content experiences
  • Manage client relationships

Tech We Stack

Ayla Networks

Case Study

Ayla Networks Voice Skill Campaign

See how we helped Ayla Networks curate a list of target accounts and drive them to learn more about a new voice skill development offering.

How CSI Works

How We Do It

Nothing at CSI is done halfway or half-heartedly. We respond, we’re attentive, and we give a damn. It’s why we've been around for over 26 years, and why some of our clients have stayed with us for more than two decades.

When You Need Us

When You Need Us

For brands that need to fill an immediate project-based need in order to launch an important campaign or brand activation.

Part of Your Team

Part of Your Team

For brands that need to augment their in-house team, relieve ongoing bandwidth issues, and elevate their creative and brand assets.

Leading the Way

Leading the Way

For brands seeking a full-service partnership, from consumer research to marketing strategy to creative direction and production.

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