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Ayla Networks

Ayla Networks Voice App Campaign

Account-Based Marketing, Sales Enablement

Ayla Networks, an IOT and IaaS company, was looking for a way to market personalized voice apps to home and business service providers. We produced a full ABM campaign for them, which included account prospecting, persona development, email campaigns, and optimized landing pages, as well as infographics. Additionally, sales enablement tools such as sales decks and templated sell sheets were produced to go to market with.

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Ayla Networks Email

Targeted Email Campaign

CSI executed a complete account-based marketing campaign which utilized a variety of creative elements to showcase the benefits of voice skills developed by Ayla Networks. The main outreach was a targeted email campaign that drove engagement and boosted MQLs in the pipeline.

Ayla Networks Landing Page

Landing Page

CSI developed landing pages containing infographics that explained the benefits of voice skill development, a how-it-works diagram, and guidelines allowing businesses to determine if they were a good fit.

Programmatic Display Ads

Using CRM data and search intent data, CSI created programmatic display and native advertisements. These ads were used as an awareness generator, as well as to retarget those who visited the landing page and appear on sites where prospects would be browsing online. LinkedIn ads were developed as an additional follow-up for those who did not take action through the email outreach.

Ayla Networks Display Ad
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