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Citizen Sales Enablement Program

Sales Enablement

To support the field marketing and sales reps' sell-in efforts for the Citizen brand, CSI produced a full suite of sales collateral and a training program.

Catalog Design Spreads

As the #1 sales piece in the field reps' arsenal, the Citizen catalog is an imperative piece to showcase all of the latest products to retailers. All product photography and catalog design was done by CSI in our in-house studio.

On-The-Go Sales Tool

Supporting the Citizen sales reps in any and all ways possible is the name of the game, especially when they are pounding the pavement in an attempt to soak up case space. This small pocket brochure allows them to be nimble as they visit multiple retail locations each week.


CSI also developed a training platform for Citizen called Enlighten. Not only is it used to train their sales team on new collections and products, but it is also leveraged to train in-store sales associates on the latest features, benefits, and technology of Citizen's impressive line of watches.

Training Videos

Training videos were created to flesh the Enlighten platform out with proper learning assets for reps and sales associates.

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