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Latitude: A Flagship Experience

Experiential Design and Video Content

Vision Real Estate Partners purchased Latitude, a commercial building in Parsippany, NJ, with the intention of transforming the ordinary office building into a modern work space. They needed video content for their digital signage and wayfinding elements that matched the new aesthetic of the building and made tenants and visitors feel like they were traveling across the United States.

We designed interactive, geographically based content that spans from one end of the building to the other, tying together long hallways, elevator directories, sitting areas, the gym, and the juice bar into one cohesive journey. We also created a custom HTML digital signage solution that allows for different content modes and enables seamless messaging updates throughout the building.

West Amenity

2x4 Video Wall

The West Amenity displays West Coast locations and points of interest. Along with the location displays, the West Amenity will display building news and have the option to display cable TV on 2 screens. The monitors also have the option to display a full-screen welcome message to potential tenants. The system includes a user-friendly back-end interface that allows for Latitude building owners to easily update graphics and messaging and swap from different playback states, including cable TV.



LED Panels

The Connector displays aerial views of 15 cities across the United States. Along with the video loop of the 15 cities, the Connector also display daily announcements that can be updated via the management office.

Elevator Lobby Directories

The elevator lobby directories at Latitude are interactive displays that visitors can utilize to find employees/offices and view the amenities in the building. The directory displays an attractor loop that will prompt users to touch the screen to begin their experience. From there, users can receive directions on how to get from their starting location to their desired location within the building, explore the amenities, and learn about upcoming professional, social, and exercise events.

19-NVL-0010K - Juice Bar_R3_Apples

Juice Bar Menu

The West Gym Juice Bar is designed to present juice bar menu items while matching the aesthetic of the gym.

City-Themed Niches

Across the entire Latitude building, there are a total of 5 different city-themed niches spanning from the East Coast to the West Coast. For example, this video montage of Denver landscapes and landmarks aims to place the viewer in different scenarios to give insight into the Denver experience. 

Denver Niches_lookbook
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