The CSI Group Watch Photography

Watch Photography

CSI brings nearly three decades of experience to photographing watches.

We appreciate every detail that makes each timepiece an individual — from the way light and shadow play off the curves and angles to the various metals and materials, diamonds, crystals, and mother-of-pearl used in every design.

We treat each watch we shoot as a new creation, seeking to reflect its unique essence for your brand. We understand that the aesthetic of your timepieces is the largest determining factor in the consumer's path to purchase. Our goal is to always deliver beautifully shot and expertly retouched watch photography to help you bring your products to the masses.

Our in-house studio is outfitted with all the right gear and our own proprietary rigs — developed over many years — which affords us the flexibility to capture any and every type of watch shot we may need.

The CSI Group Product Photography

We can easily capture any type of shot you need, from traditional soldier shots to dramatic beauty/feature shots and crisp, perfectly-let ad shots. We also produce alternate profile shots, caseback shots, and even 360° photos for eCommerce use.

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